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Claricup Size 2 menstrual cup Clear

Claricup clear in size 2 or large is made in France in platinic medical grade silicon. Size 2 is suitable for regular/heavy flow. You wil receive it with its claribox and instructions. 

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Claricup is developed by the laboratory Claripharm in France.

Claricup clear:

  • Supplied with its disinfection box.
  • Easy to use.
  • Tested in a laboratory certified by the Research Ministry 

Claricup menstrual cup is available in 4 sizes: Mini 0, 1, 2 and 3


Size 0
Cup length - 71mm
Diameter - 36mm
Capacity - 13.7ml

Size 1
Cup length - 74mm
Diameter - 41mm
Capacity - 20.2ml

Size 2
Cup length - 74mm
Diameter - 46mm
Capacity - 29.5ml

Size 3
Cup length - 74mm
Diameter - 51mm
Capacity - 36ml


You can select your menstrual cup depending of your age, your anatomy or type of flow. Here some tips:

-Teens or young: choose Mini or size 1

-Birth:For moms, please choose 2 or 3

-Sporty type: if your pelvic floor muscles are well developed please choose 1 or 2.

StiffnessMild soft
Tipo baseCylindrical full stem

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