Cloth pads set for light / regular flow (2S+3M+WB2Z) letitflow

LetItFlow kit for testing your frist approach to soft reusable cloth pads. This set of pads is suitable for light/regular flow . Soft bamboo velour in contact with your skin. double snap to adjust the width. You'll get : 2 small pads, 3 medium pads a 1 wet bag with double zipper. Scroll the bar to select the pattern.

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Ordering this set you will get:

-2  Small pads, 3 medium pads and 1 wet bag with double zipper that will let you divide used from clean pads while you are on the go, User's guide iin Italian and an ecological bag.

LetItFlow cloth pads features:

  • Extremely soft
  • Double snaps to adjust width
  • No microfiber on its absorbency layer

How are LetitFlow done?

LeitFlow cloth pads are made in bamboo velour on the top layer. This velour is extremely soft and andlo is a natural antibacterial. Their middle layers, depending on the size, are in a mixture of hemp/cotton or  a mixture of cotton /bamboo.

The base layer, protect from wet, and is produced in breathable PUL.


-Small: Suitable for light flow, they have the shape if a liner but with later absorbency to protect from wet and stains. Perfect as a back up with menstrual cups or sea sponges.

Lenght: 20 cm
Double snap fastening: 5,5cm/6,5cm
Top: bamboo velour 
Inner layer: 2 layers mixed banboo/cotton 
Base: 100% PUL without phatalates or PVC

- Medium
Lenght: 23 cm
Double snap fastening:  : 6 cm /7 cm

Top: bamboo velour

Inner layer: 2 layers ( 1 mixed hemp/cotton and 1 mix bamboo/cotton high absorbency,
Base: 100% PUL without phatalates or PVC


Size: 20 cm x 18cm

Composition: 100% PUL without phatalates or PVC

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