Menstrual Disc Lumma Unique MINI


UNIQUE MINI is the smallest flat-fit design menstrual disc. It fits all types of menstrual flows from light to heavy. UNIQUE MINI is suitable for teenagers, women with low cervix . It can be used during sexual relations.

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UNIQUE MINI is the smallest menstrual disc designed by LUMMA. It is made of 100% medical silicone, hypoallergenic and reusable. Fully Transparent, Odorless and Colorless. Pure silicone without color pigments added to it. Easy to hygienize and sterilize. Maximum capacity of 60 ml until below the ring, allowing up to 12 hours of protection without leaks. Suitable for use while practicing sports including swimming, yoga and others. Rounded ring, soft and flexible for easy insertion and removal.

The UNIQUE MINI ring hugs the walls of the vaginal canal and fits any canal diameter. Allows to have sexual relations, without leaks, during the menstrual period.

UNIQUE MINI is a reusable menstrual disc that can be used during sexual relations.All traditional models of menstrual cups, during use, stay in a position that prevents penetration. UNIQUE cup has a soft and flexible silicone ring that shrinks into the vaginal canal and returns according to the movements during sexual relations.

Diameter: 5,3 cm Capacity: 30 ml

UNIQUE MINI will be provided with a case in silicone.

NOTE: UNIQUE MINI menstrual disc was designed to fit the majority of women, regardless of age.
As every woman has a unique internal shape and size, there is a small chance that UNIQUE may not work for you.
If you are a teenager, or your vagina is very tight, or your cervix is low or medium/low the diameter of UNIQUE maybe won't fit. In this case
we recommend you try the UNIQUE MINI.


  • ANATOMICAL:Fits any size of vaginal canal diameter.
  • DOES NOT DEPEND ON THE VACUUM TO STAY IN PLACE:The UNIQUE model has a round, soft and flexible silicone ring, when pressed in the middle and inserted into the vaginal canal, stays firmly in place, between the bottom of the vaginal canal right below the cervix and behind the pubic bone.
  • YOU DO NOT FEEL IT WHEN YOU ARE WITH IT:Because the positioning of UNIQUE doesn't depend on the vacuum effect, you just don't feel it during use.
  • EASY TO INSERT:Just squeeze it in the middle of the ring until it forms an 8 and insert it as if it was an inner absorbent. You need to feel that it reached the bottom of the vaginal canal.
  • EASY TO REMOVE:Just insert the tip of your finger into the cup until feeling the ring from inside the cavity. Then pull it out horizontally to avoid leaks.


It is advisable to sterilize UNIQUE cup in the microwave using a "Lumma" silicone sterilizer cup. For perfect sterilization, it is necessary to leave UNIQUE in boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes.
In case of not using a microwave, also it's necessary to boil UNIQUE in water during 1 to 2 minutes.


  1. Completely comfortable while worn correctly and undetectable
  2. Insertion and placement is easy
  3. 100% leak free 
  4. Mess-Free Period Sex!

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