Eco-cup menstrual cup

Eco-cup menstrual cup  is produced 100% in Italy in medical grade silicon. This cup has a medium firmness which makes it suitable for beginners. Eco-cup has short cup, especially in its size 2. It is available in 3 colors: clear, blue and fuxia. You will get the cup in a box with a cotton bag for storage and user guide.

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Eco-cup menstrual cup  is hygienic, safe and reusable for several years. Eco-cup has medium firmness, so it's suitable for beginners as pop open easily.  It is produced in Italy in platinic silicon of medical grade and in strict accordance to European regulations UNI EN ISO10993-1:2010 and USP class VI.

Eco-cup menstrual cup is available in 2 sizes. Both sizes has the same cup lenght but different diameter.

Eco-cup is the same menstrual cup that can be found in other stores under following brands: Lybera, Fluxy.

Each Eco-cup comes in a box, with a cotton menstrual cup storage bag. The enclosed instructions are in Italian, Spanish and English.


• Latex free, BPA free, phtalates free 
• Medical silicon satin and mat  
• Smooth surface
• 5 small holes for smooth seal 
• 2 circle shape on the base in relief for easy grip

La coppetta mestruale Eco-cup has short cup lenght compared to other cups. This characteristic can be noticed more in size 2 (large). So size 2 is suitable for low cervix. 

TAGLIA 117 ml21 ml45 mm22 mm42,5 mm
TAGLIA 220 ml28 ml45 mm22 mm46 mm


-Size 1 (small) : people under 30 years old. No child birth. From light to regular flow. 

-Taglia 2(large) : people above 30 years old / or who have had one or more natural births and the pelvic floor is in good tone. Thsi size is also suitable for light to regular flow and for medium/ low cervix.

Tipo baseCylindrical Hollowed Stem

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