Luvurbody menstrual cup Large

Luvurbody menstrual cup Large is the menstrual cup with a very high capacity. it has a wide diameter that guarantee perfect adherence after birth. Its design and shape are unique. A cup covered with a floral pattern; designed to guarantee not only comfort, but easy usage. As a stem it has a leaflet, which can be removed completely or leaving only a ball.

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The bulge under the rim helps to take advantage of the cup's capacity and is round so as not to press the bladder and slip without being perceived.

It comes with a cotton bag for storage and a multilingual instruction booklet.

The LuvUrBody L menstrual cup has a diameter of 48 mm which can be used by those who have given birth vaginally, have a low or high cervix with a very abundant flow. If the cervix is ​​low and you have not given birth, due to its size it requires a vagina with enough elasticity.

 large size*34,5 ml56,7 mm20,3 mm48 mm

Luvurbody after removing it from its ECO packaging may have an oval shape, as after production it was closed and sealed flat with plastic strips that you have to cut. The cup still adapts to the shape of the vagina. The oval or round shape absolutely does not interfere with the performance.

StiffnessMild soft
Tipo baseTab
FlowLeggero/Molto abbondante

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