Merula menstrual cup One Size strawberry

Merula One Size is Made in Germany, short, rounded model and stem with rings than can be cut and adapted to the particular cervix height. It is produced in 100% medical grade silicon. The Strawberry color is a very vivid fuxia color.

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The Merula Cup is produced in Germany and it is made out of 100% medical-grade silicone . It is round, short with a semi-rigid edge and a thin, soft body. Merula  stem consists of rings that can be individually cut and adapted to the particular cervix height or to the required length. 

The Merula Cup is available in 6 different colours - Strawberry (fuxia), Apple (green), Mermaid (blue), Sun (yellow), Ice (white) and Midnight (black). Each color is provided with a very beautiful storage bag.

Merula Cup One Size against other menstrual cups

• It has a very large capacity (up to 38 ml). With a diameter from 40 mm to 46 mm  Merula adapts perfectly to your body and can be worn for light to heavy bleeding.

• From weak to strong pelvic muscles: Merula stays where it belongs. As it can be used collapsed and does not have to open completely, even strong pelvic muscles do not make it lose its shape – literally.

• Merula has a short height of only 39 mm and because of that, Merula can easily be used by women with a low cervix. The cup can also be used without any difficulty if you have a medium/high cervix, as it has a long, ladder-shaped stem.

Further information about Merula Cup :

Merula's silicone is not very slippery and has a homogeneous softness all over her body. Colors are opaque. It is a semi-toned cup. With its spherical and small shape the push-down or tulip fold works great and its insertion and opening is very fast.
The stem is very soft and it helps a lot to grasp the cup climbing up the steps for removal in the case of medium / high or high cervix. Remember to always remove the vacuum before removing the cup.
On its surface there you won't find any logo or any holes (point in favor of cleaning).
Merula adapts to all types of pelvic floor due to its shape and functionality of the vacuum. Its ring / edge is small and its resistance goes inward. Since Merula still has a medium tone, she could be perceived by women with sensitivity problems in the area.

In case of high cervix (more than 7cm) it is better to remove it from sitting or crouching and pushing with the pelvic muscles to make it go down and at the same time pull very gently from the stem to get to the base and remove the vacuum and then remove with zig movements zag.

Merula, like the other cups, can be removed once a little bent near the vaginal opening.

Merula One Size and IUD?:The cup length of Merula One size is very short and then if you have a medium or high cervix you have to push and pull gently from the cuff to get it down and get to the base to remove the vacuum and this procedure could move the IUD. With a low or medium cervix it is easier to get to the base and remove the vacuum before removal. 










ONE SIZE35 ml39 mm40 mm46 mm72 mm61 mm50 mm
StiffnessMild soft
Tipo baseRing

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