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Merula menstrual cup XL came to help in those 'heavy bleeding days'. It's desing with two-prong guide stem, let it to be adapted to your personal needs (cervix height). Very large capacity and very comfy.ICE is the clear version of Merula XL. You'll love it and the elegant bag!

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The Merula Cup XL is produced in Germany and it is made out of 100% medical-grade silicone without chemical additives.

Merula XL thanks to its two-prong guide stem, it can be adapted to your personal needs (cervix height). 

The Merula is packaged in a box with:
-The Merula Menstrual cup
-storage bag
-Instructions for use

Merula Cup XL  against other menstrual cups:

• It has a very large capacity (up to 50 ml / 1.691 fl oz) with a diameter of 46 mm / 1.811 in.. Merula adapts perfectly to your body and is an ideal companion for very heavy bleeding.

• Merula can be used collapsed and does not have to open completely, even strong pelvic muscles do not make it lose its shape – literally.

• Suitable for a medium to high cervix

Further information about Merula Cup XL:

Merula's silicone is not very slippery and has a homogeneous softness all over her body. Colors are opaque. It is a Mild Firm cup.

Merula XL kept the stiffness of the body of the One size. Its's shape is an extension of the ball with a
softer conexion that ends with a wider external rim (46mm) and a bit wider.
Merula XL rim making the squishiness test it's a bit firmer than One Size's. The Stem is soft and helps a lot to remove the cup in case of vey high cervix.
Please remember always break the seal before removing the cup.

As Merula Xl has a mild Firm stiffness, it could be perceived by people with high sensibility.

Merula, like the other cups, can be removed once a little bent near the vaginal opening.

Nota: Next to the rim of Merula XL you could notice a dark spot. On this spot, the silicone color mixture is injected through a very small opening into the casting mold. The color pigments come in different sizes. The biggest particles may accumulate during the injection, and at the end of the process they are pushed into the mold and result in a color spot. The color spot has no influence on the functionality of the cup.

comparison merula xl sizes

Misure Merula e Merula XL


XL Heavy flow*50 ml50 mm46 mm46 mm72 mm61 mm

*We have measured with a syringe and water the capacity (as we do with all our cups), as a result Merula Xl can hold 47 ml below the edge of internal rim and 52 ml until the edge.

StiffnessMild firm
Tipo baseRing
FlowLeggero/Molto abbondante

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