Lumma Easy cup menstrual cup CMCI

Lumma Easy Cup CMCI is a menstrual cup of medium stiffness  suitable for very young people. It has a small diamater (37) and suitable for beginners.

Easy cup has an exclusive design without relief on the base but Petals in concave shape for easy removal. Easy cup is provided with its Lumma bag.

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The Lumma Easy Cup Menstrual Cup offers protection up to 12 hours of continuous protection during menstruation and without withdrawing your freedom of movement. 

Made from medical grade silicone, hypoallergenic and replaces conventional absorbent tampons and pads.

The Lumma Menstrual Cup is washable, reusable for several years and with the exclusive design of the petals  in concave shape at the bottom for an easy removal.

Easy cup menstrual cup is available in different sizes, so please check your personal characteristics and then get it! All Easy cups (clear and coloured ones) have a Medium stiffness, so they are suitable for beginners with a normal pelvic muscles.

Diameter: 37mm
Cup length :42mm
Length of the stem 18mm
Capacity to holes 17ml 

Capacity to rim: 20 ml

Similar cups in stiffness: Skcooncup small, Meluna classic, Divacup 1

Instructions for use:

Always start by washing your hands.
Before first use:
The first time you use a menstrual cup it should be boiled during one to two minutes.

•Inserting the cup:

Stay relaxed and be patient. The first time you use the cup is the hardest. don't give up,take a break if you become frustrated and try again.
Get into a confortable position and choose a folding method for the cup from "C" shape or "punch down"

• Spread apart your labia with one hand and gently insert the folded cup into the opening of your vagina with the other hand.The cup should pop open.

• Check that the cup is fully opened by rotating it and feeling with your finger that it's fully opened.

During use:

• You can wear it up to the maximum of twelve hours. If you have a heavy flow you will have to empty it more often.

How to remove and empty:

• Wash your hands thoroughly.

• Choose the position that you feel most comfortable with.

• Place your fingers, thumb and forefinger on the petals, press and squeeze the
bottom until you feel that the rim of the
cup released your vaginal wall.
• Do not pull your EASY CUP by the stem.
• Rotate the cup until it loosens.
Pullit out upright to prevent leakage.
•Empty and wash your EASYCUP.

Tipo baseCylindrical Hollowed Stem

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