Mimi's Dreams Maxi cloth pad

Mimis's Dreams Maxi cloth pad is a versatile pad sized between a day pad and a night pad. Maxi format offers good protection for the heavier flow days and lighter flow nights of your period. We recommend it if you have a moderate to heavy flow. Scroll the menu and pick up yours!

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Mimi's Dreams MAXI cloth pads  is suitable for light flow to be worn by nigth of for day heavy bleeders. 

Backed with Windpro Fleece of quality to keep the pad in place.

Note: pictures rappresent a part of the fabric, position of subjects may vary from pad to pad. Color of Wind Pro Pile of backing can have a different color, but always i tone and beautiful.

Mimi's pads printing can be chosen with top layer in cotton or flannel cotton. The flannel cotton is a light and soft fabric made the same way as quilter's cotton,
The surface is uniform but it has lightly hairy surface which makes feel it softer.

You will find specified in the Menu the name and specification if top is flannel.


Length- 10 Inches (26 cm)
Gusset Width (when snapped)- 2.5 inches
Wingspan- 7 Inches
Polyacetal Resin Snaps


They are easy to take care of. Soak and wash!. All their printings are thougth to camouflage your flow when wearing and also any stain.When you are on the go just fold them and put them in a wet bag.

Soak them in cold water 30 minutes nearly after use, or always rinse in cold water before putting them in the washing machine or hand-washing them at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. Do not use hot water because it tends to fix the stains. Do not use bleach, chemical additives or fabric softener.

Machine wash with other clothing or by hand rubbing the fabric on itself, without brushing it.

Dry them by hanging them directly under the sun light or in the dryer machine with other clothes setting on delicate / synthetic fabrics.

Note: Wash the Mimi's Dreams cloth pads  before being used for the first time. After about 3 washes they reach their maximum absorbency. Cloth pads can be used after a first single wash, but remember to change them more often because they will not have reached the maximum absorbency with a single wash. The panty liners you can safely use them after the first wash.

Top layerCotton or Flannel cotton
BackingWind Pro Fleece

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