Overnight Cloth Pad Mimi's Dreams

Mimi's Dreams Overnight cloth pads came to rescue Heavy flow days and your nights . It is thin due to the PUL backing, but very absorbent. Its shape and extra fabric will cover you in the back and front. Scroll the menu and pick up yours!

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Mimi's Dreams overnight is heavy flow days best friend. They offer a good protection while you are sleeping. Very absorbent and thin due to the PUL used on backing.

They have 2 snaps to adjust the width.

Composition or Overnight Mimi's Deeams:

Top: soft flannel cotton cotton (check the information on Menu).

Inner: 2 layers of flannel cotton + 1 terry cotton.

Backing in PUL

Polyacetal Resin Snaps


Length- 10.5 Inches (26.5 cm)
Gusset Width (when snapped)- 2.5 inches
Flare Width- 4 Inches at widest
Wingspan- 7.5 Inches

Top layerCotton or Flannel cotton
FlowLeggero/Molto abbondante

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