Solid shampoo - Silky herbs Yuuki 100 gr

Soft shampoo against skin itching. The formula is adapted to mitigate hair loss.

The hair will result silky and shiny after washing.

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NATURAL SILK is an important raw material in cosmetics and pharmaceutics. Sericin preparations, called also silky proteins.

Thanks to the strength of natural silk, we have great opportunity to restore and smooth the hair from roots to ends.

Natural silk rejuvenates the hair and provides it with vitality, gloss and softness. It is the strongest natural fibre; it strengthens the hair, provides long term vitality; the silk protects the hair against heat, cold, sun radiation and contamination from the environment. It is a great preparation for care for the skin.

ESSENTIAL OILS: geranium, patchouli, pine, litsea cubeba, lavender, violet.

Appropriate for all types, for general rehabilitation of hair and hair skin.

Use for three weeks at the minimum to make full use of its value. If you are passing from common commercial products to natural ones, you must use the shampoo several times, until the chemical residues get fully washed out from the hair and the hair skin.

Weight: 110g (+ / - 5g)

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