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Energy Kit - Officina Naturae solid cosmetics test kit

Energy kit to try solid cosmetics. Mini pack with 4 cubes of 25 g which contains strengthening balm, strengthening shampoo, revitalizing shower gel and purifying facial cleanser. Excellent for traveling or to the gym.

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The Energy Kit is an excellent solution to get closer to the world of solid cosmetics. By spending a little you can try 4 excellent products and you will see how easy it is to learn a new way of washing by eliminating the palstica. After that you will not doubt to go back to buy the single package of each product for you or as a gift! In the energy kit you will find 4 small cubbies of 25 gr each (attention are not trivial soaps) with the following products:

  • Strengthening Illuminating Shampoo with Chestnut and Birch
  • Strengthening Illuminating Balm with Chestnut and Birch
  • Revitalizing shower gel with willow and black tea
  • Purifying Face Cleanser with organic blackberry and apple extract


- Biological extract of Birch: normalizing and dermo-purifying.

- Organic Chestnut Extract: revitalizing and strengthening.

- Organic black tea extract: antioxidant and astringent

- Organic Willow Extract: exfoliating and renewing

- Organic blackberry extract: antioxidant and protective

- Organic Apple Extract: astringent and emollient


Solid shampoo: with long or short, curly or straight hair, you can massage the solid shampoo directly on the hair or create the foam in your hands and then apply it on the hair. Depending on the characteristics of your hair, or according to your needs, you can also do two washes: the delicacy of the ingredients will always respect your hair.

Solid conditioner: it does not foam but works! Instead of pouring it on your hands, like a common liquid conditioner, you can rub the solid conditioner directly on the hair, or slightly moisten it and apply the emulsion only where you need it.

Solid shower gel: it is a very concentrated product! Thanks to the soft foam that develops quickly, you can massage the solid bubble bath directly on the skin or on the sponge until you get the desired soft foam.

Solid face cleanser: Lightly moisten the solid face cleanser and rub it in your hands. Apply the soft foam on the face, massaging gently. Rinse and off you go! Dirt and impurities will be washed away!


Solid cosmetics CO.SO. they are made with artisan and non-industrial processes. Small imperfections, such as irregular dimensions or any small cracks are characteristic of the product. Any color variations are instead generated by the use of dyes of vegetable origin. Officina Natuare's solid cosmetics are: Plastic-Free, Hand Made, Bio, Sustainable, Nickel Tested, Vegan, Made In Italy

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