Test per analisi delle Urine 5 Elanee

The ELANEE Urine-Control Test5 tests five individual parameters, which provide information on condition of carbohydrate metabolism (diabetes), kidney function and urinary tract infections (e.g. bladder infection). The test can be used by men and women alike.

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• 10 Test strips
• 1 Plastic tube with colour chart and lid with desiccant
• 1 instruction for use

Pharmaceutical registration number (PZN): 13352367


The dipstick test, which is used for in-vitro diagnosis, assesses the levels of the following parameters in urine:

  • Glucose (sugar),
  • Blood
  • Protein
  • Nitrite
  • Leucocytes (white blood cells)

The test results can give an indication of the condition of the carbohydrate metabolism, kidney function, and flag up urinary tract infections. If any symptoms or signs of positive results are obtained after doing this test, consulting a doctor for a complete medical history and physical examination is recommended.


The urine is collected in a suitable container (e.g. plastic beaker) and a test strip inserted. The urine is absorbed by each test pad (small square areas) on the test strip, and each test pad develops an individual colour reaction due to chemical and/or enzyme-based reactions. The test strip is then compared against the colour palette on the plastic tube and with the interpretation of results in the user guide.


Each test strip (5mm x 5mm test patch area) contains the following:

Glucose: Glucose oxidase 430U,Peroxidase 200U, o-Tolidine 12mg
Blood: Cumene Hydroperoxide 12mg, o-Tolidine 35mg
Protein: Tetrabromophenol blue 0.34mg
Nitrite: P-arsanilic acid 4.5mg
Leukocyte: Induced Indole amino acid ester 1.3mg

The ELANEE Urine – Control Test5 is only intended for one single use. Used test strips should be wrapped by tissue (or gauze) and then disposed into waste box to avoid misuse of the tested strips.

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