Who has already attended our blog in recent days, will have noticed our news for 2020, our column IT'S RAINING MENSTRUAL CUPS. A little space dedicated to menstrual cups, which have sprung up like mushrooms the latest years.

I couldn't start this column giving a tribute to the first European Menstrual cup: Ms. Mooncup.

Thanks to this company it is that menstrual cups today in 2020 in Europe and all over the world are known and many brands known today cannot deny that they developed their mold taking inspiration from it. It was the first menstrual cup produced in the world in medical silicone, the existing ones were made of rubber (the Keeper, United States) and polyethylene and elastomer ( disposable menstrual disc Softcup).

When Su Hardy started launching Mooncup in 2002, she had no idea that 17 years later, the company she founded would be a driving force in tackling the taboo around menstruation, pioneering against disposable plastic, and would create a third party. category in the sanitary products sector, once monopolized by multinational companies.

By the end of last year, Mooncup in England revealed its new packaging to celebrate their achievements and strengthen its position as the first market-leading silicone menstrual cup. Made in the UK according to medical device standards, Mooncup has always had customer care, the environment and ethics at the center. The new packaging is of ethical origin, from its inks and cards to its unbleached organic cotton case. And Hey How not to make them a tribute ?!:

The Mooncup® menstrual cup this year will be available free of charge to pupils of all state schools and colleges in England as part of a new Department program for Education. It is the first time that an environmentally friendly, plastic-free products are offered as a free option in schools in England, along with traditional disposable sanitary pads and tampons. Kath Clements, corporate director of Mooncup Ltd, said: “We are excited to be working with doctors and the Department of Education to provide sustainable products for young people across England. Based on our experience of collaboration with the Charity for sexual health and well-being, we know that young people find the economic convenience of menstrual cups particularly interesting, as well as practicality and low environmental impact. "

"Our goal from our first day was to make menstruation an experience as positive as possible. Hopefully this initiative, and the conversation around it, will help continue breaking the taboo around menstruation, as well as giving young people access to information about all their menstrual product options. "

Mooncup was the first cup to arrive in Italy, the girls from the Bottega della Luna brought it and it was the first menstrual cup I used. I had the chance to buy it during an edition 'Fa' la cosa Giusta ' Fair in Milan. Unfortunately my happiness as cup user did not last long because I carelessly left it on the bidet and ended up in the toilet, without having amortized its cost.

The Mooncup cup in Italy is distributed by Intimaluna and by purchasing the cup from an Italian shop (like ours) or in a pharmacy, you have the guarantee that the packaging, instructions and after-sales service are all in Italian.

Here a photo taken in Bologna years ago at the SANA Fair with the girls from the Bottega della Luna. Davide did the shot.

Mooncup menstrual cup in Italy