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The Shower Glove Saves CO.SO. by Officina Naturae has been designed to reduce waste and use the last bits of solid cosmetics, shower gel or soap to the end.

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The Salva Co.So Shower Glove is a practical bag in natural hemp, which allows you to use the leftovers of solid cosmetics while you are in the shower: the practical strap allows you to use it easily as a glove. Alternatively, you can use it to bring CO.SO. with you outside the home, to protect them from dust and contact with other objects: the size of a Shower Glove (9.5 x 11 cm) is perfect for holding one of your favorite solid cosmetics.


Put any leftovers you have in the bag, wet it, and start rubbing it into your skin. A soft foam will come out of the bag. After use, you can let it dry, with the pieces inside, and then reuse it next times. Wash the glove by hand with Marseille soap or in the washing machine at 30 or 40 degrees, with liquid laundry detergent, without using fabric softener, or by replacing it with Citric Acid. Lay out away from light or excessive heat.

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