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Beewrap TierraVerde- pellicola di cera d'api (1 S, 1 M) View larger

Beewrap TierraVerde- pellicola di cera d'api (1 S, 1 M)

Eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, cling films, aluminium foils and snack boxes. The cotton waxed wraps keep their shape, are washable, easily storable and can be used repeatedly. The product consists of exclusively natural materials.

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Waxed wraps from organic cotton cloth are amazing for many reasons:

  • No burden for nature, unlike many other wrapping types (plastic bags, cling films, aluminium foils).
  • You can use them repeatedly, even longer than one year.
  • No health risk due to purely natural materials. Food safety certification.
  • The wraps contain beeswax, which has natural preservative and antibacterial effects.
  • Keep exactly the required shape and are an all-purpose product (suitable for wrapping, covering, may be turned into a pouch).
  • May serve not only as a wrap but as an elegant table mat).
  • Are space saving. When you don’t need them, they take up minimal storage space (whether in the kitchen or a bag).
  • Wonderful scent of beeswax.
  • Fantastic look!
  • Handmade in Slovakia.

For standard cleaning, wipe the wrap with a wet soft cloth, rinse with cold water and let dry.
For removing greasy stains, we recommend using a small amount of an ecological detergent .
Should the waxed surface get scratched or otherwise damaged, warm up the wrap while holding it above hot water for a few seconds and smooth out the respective place with fingers. Make sure that the wrap and your hands are perfectly clean when doing so.
The wrap must not come into contact with hot water or warm food. The product is not dishwasher or microwave safe and is not suitable for ironing. During hot summer days, we recommend using the wrap only in your household.
After some time, a patina will build up on the surface. This is not a defect of the product. Using cleaning detergents regularly may damage the wrap. Please use them only if the wrap is heavily soiled. We don’t recommend using the wrap to pack raw meat.

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