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  • Panty liners

    Washable panty liners are very useful to be worn while under discharges like ovulating, spotting or like a back up when wearing an internal protection as menstrual cups and sea sponges. wide selection of materials, colors and format.

  • Day pads

    We stock different brands of reusable cloth pads. They are friendly with your skin and with the environment. Our cloth pads are availabel in different fabrics and format.

  • Nigth /Post Partum Pads

    Cloth menstrual pads very comfortable and suitable to be worn by night on heavy or very heavy flow days. The longest pads are designed to be used during Post partum period. They are all suitable for urine incontinence.

  • Cloth pads starter sets

    Colourful starter sets are a wise introduction to cloth pads for those not sure where to start with cloth pads. They are a perfect first period gift for someone just starting on their menstrual journey or why not pamper yourself to a set to help build up your growing cloth pad collection.

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