Sterilising foldable silicon cup Letitflow

Foldable, space saving, sterilising cup in silicon. Cleaning your menstrual cup with LetItFlow cleaning cup couln't be easier. It is also helpful on the go to put the cup or wash it in public toilet.

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Letitflow foldable cup dimensions:

Unfolded: Lid diameter 85 mm; Base diameter: 42 mm;Height: 85 mm;

Folded: 85 mm x 21 mm.


First Option: Microwave sterilization
Remove the lid, insert your menstrual cup with towards down, into the sterilizer. Cover with water.
Place the sterilizer in the microwave for 5 min at 750 Watts.

The cup's lid must not be completely sealed: otherwise the steam produced by the boiling water cannot escape.

Second option: Boiling water sterilization
Add boiling water in the sterilizer and wait for 5 min.

Wait for the menstrual cup to cool down or rinse it with cold water before using it to avoid the risk of burns.


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