Biodegradable solid detergent holder CO.SO

In PLA made from beetroot or corn. A delicious star shape that recalls the doilies for decorative objects. Your precious cosmetics can be dried and placed in the bathroom on a sustainable and ecological product.

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From a careful design comes this solid cosmetic holder. Developed by combining 3D technology, a mesh structure gives shape to this beautiful biodegradable detergent holder. For you who want to reduce your footprint on the planet.

After using your solid detergent, place it on the Solid Door and let it dry. It is perfect, the solid detergent does not stick to the surface and does not dissolve in the water that remains on the bottom of a common soap dish. At the end of its life, the Solid Door, reduced into small pieces, can be disposed of in the wet / organic where it decomposes without leaving any residue.

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