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Gall soap stain remover Yellow&Blue 140gr

Gall soap efficiently removes individual stains particularly of organic origin (grease, fruit and vegetables, blood, ink, grass, red wine, soil etc.). Suitable for white and color-stable textile from natural and synthetic fibers.

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Use: Make the textile wet and apply topically gall soap on the spots you need to remove. Keep it for 15 min. Repeat the process if needed. If using for coloured textile we recommend first to apply the soap to a small hidden spot to make sure no undesired colour changes occur.

Your cloth pads and cloth diapers will turn like new always, effective also over cloth make up remover discs

Contains: > 30 % soap (fatty acid sodium salt - palm oil-free), < 5 % glycerine, gall enzymes. Full ingredients list available at Keep separate from fertilizers, bleaching, oxidizing agents. Store in dry, well ventilated rooms where relative humidity less than 75% and a temperature not lower than -5 °C ang higher than +30°C. Keep out of the reach of children.

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