Lalicup Medium
      Lalicup Medium
      Lalicup Medium
      Lalicup Medium

      Lalicup Medium

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      Lalicup Medium is the second size menstrual cup produced in Slovenia in  medical grade silicone.It's desing is beautiful. Lalicup makes a great seal and have good capacity. It is available in different colors and comes with zipper to keep your cup clean and easy to transport.

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      Lalicup menstrual cup is available in 3 sizes: S , M e L .

      Lalicup comes with a non-fabric pouch with zipper to keep your cup clean and easy to transport and user guide in English. IN purchase is made from Italy we will give you the instructions in Italian.

      The Medium size of Lalicup is very versatile, recommended for girls with heavy or very heavy flow or for girls who have not had children and need a small cup.

      It can also be used by those who have had children with caesarean section or vaginal delivery and have a normal tonic pelvic floor.

      We consider it as a mild firm cup as has a good tension a its rim is whippy (whippier on Large size)

      • It folds easily into a smaller shape for insertion, the cup has 12 vertical lines to folds easily into a smaller shape for insertion, and like a flower, it opens up easier in the vagina.
      • Thanks to the innovative design it has great capacity and therefore it doesn’t leak in a case of a stronger menstrual flow.
      • It offers larger holes at the the top of the cup in order to easily maintain its cleanliness.
      • It has a soft and elastic stem, which doesn’t annoy or interrupt the walking and it helps to remove the cup easily.
      • The Lalicup is made of a smooth medical silicone and it is placed in a pouch with zipper that does not accumulate germs, allergens or other impurities; in comparison with some other cups it is easier to maintain its hygiene.

      Which is your color?

      -Red: Powerful, brave, warm and passionate color. It is the color of love, strength and endurance.

      -Green: It makes you feel fresh, alive and in total well-being. The green color is in harmony with ecology because it invokes vegetation and nature.

      -Black: Elegant, prestigious, self-confident. Its great advantage in the cup is not sensitive to fading or dying.

      -Blue:Relax!Trust yourself and keep calm. Balance in your emotional sphere.

      -White (Clear): Purity lover, gives you ligth and peace.

      coppetta Lalicup




      SMALL 22 ml 26 ml 47 mm 24 mm 40,3 mm 31,6 mm
      MEDIUM 29 ml 33 ml 52 mm 12 mm 44,2 mm 33,8 mm
      LARGE 34 ml 38 ml 55 mm 19 mm 46,6 mm 36,6 mm

      lalicup menstrual cup shop

      Lalicup medium is suitable for women who have normal to strong menstrual flow or have already given vaginal birth.

      Lalicup is in medical grade silicone approved by the FDA. Produced in Slovenia according to USP Class VI ISO 10993 standards. Silicone is hypoallergenic, biocompatible and free of toxic substances.

      Lalicup is produced with the most modern injection molding machines with adequate maintenance and by highly qualified personnel.


      Data sheet

      Mild firm
      Tipo base
      Cylindrical full stem

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      Lalicup Medium

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