Menstrual cup Popsy Soft Small

Popsy soft by Letitflow is a soft menstrual cup with longer cup suitable for medium high cervix. Suitable for sensitive people. You will receive it with a wetbag and instructions.

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Popsy Xsmall
Diameter: 34 mm
Capacity up to the holes: 12 ml
Capacity to the rym: 15 ml
Cup length without stem: 43 mm
Total length with stem: 55 mm

Popsy Small
Diameter : 39 mm
Capacity up to the holes: 17 ml
Capacity to the rym: 23 ml
Cup Length without stem: 51 mm
Total Length with stem: 65mm

Popsy Medium
Diameter : 44 mm
Capacity up to the holes: 26 ml
Capacity to the rym: 32 ml
Cup Length without stem: 56 mm
Total Length with stem: 73 mm


  • Made 100% in Germany in very flexible medical grade silicone.
  • It is guaranteed to be free from chemicals, plasticizers, latex, proteins, bleaching agents, deodorants, phthalates, alkylphenols, PVCs and BPAs.
  • It is perfume-free and antiallergenic.
  • If taken care properly can last 10 years
  • Vegan
  • First menstrual cup to have been tested in a dermatological and gynecological study for compatibility with the
  • vaginal mucosa.
  • SGS certifications, TUV hazardous substances tested, Institut Fresenius, Intertek Total Quality Assured.


-X-small: for teenagers and who needs a narrow and small cup.
-Small: people under 25 years old with light/regular period.No birth.
-Medium: for heavier periods. Over than 25 years old. After a pregnancy with pelvic muscles in shape.

coppetta mestruale Popsy soft

StiffnessVery Soft
Tipo baseCylindrical full stem

ottima morbidezza

Questa è la mia seconda coppetta, acquistata perché quella precedente era più rigida e mi procurava dolori. Devo dire che è stata una svolta, posso usarla durante tutti i giorni e nonostante sia morbida è semplice da far aprire e anche da togliere,( questa si schiaccia così facilmente che la presa è semplice ).

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