Since 2011, we have been the first online store in Italy specialized in reusable products for the management of menstruation and devices for training the perineum. We are a starting point for anyone who wants to make the switch and start an easy path. Experience cyclicality and find immediate physical well-being, economic and even ecological savings.

Our small boutique is family run. Elizabeth is the menstrual products expert and content specialist and Ricardo, her partner of 25 years, follows the technical and commercial aspects..

The team

Elizabeth: co-founder - expert in menstrual products.

I have been using reusable menstrual products since 2007. Testing different brands and giving me 15 years of experience.

I began researching alternative, reusable period products based on my personal needs. On the one hand, conventional sanitary pads were causing me unbearable irritation and did not protect me enough, on the other, I had started a lifestyle change by choosing more natural products.

Finding the right products for me wasn't easy and several times I made the wrong purchases online due to the lack of information available.

Driven by the desire to help other people learn about these little-talked-about products and married to a WebMaster, we decided to combine our knowledge and passions to found our little virtual boutique in 2011.

My mission is to allow people to find their ideal menstrual product so they can manage their cycle with convenience, comfort and a lot of serenity.

Ricardo: co-founder 

Electrical engineer. If we have been online since 2011 it is thanks to him. It takes care of all the web management.

Welcome to our shop, where you will find menstrual products, devices to keep your perineum in shape, sexual wellness products, ecological cosmetics and many other eco-friendly products.

All the products we offer are tested and carefully chosen to offer you the highest quality.