LukeCup LARGE- Soft menstrual cup Large
      LukeCup LARGE- Soft menstrual cup Large
      LukeCup LARGE- Soft menstrual cup Large
      LukeCup LARGE- Soft menstrual cup Large

      LukeCup LARGE- Soft menstrual cup Large

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      LukeCup large is a soft menstrual cup suitable for light/heavy flow. It is delicate so compatible with sensitive bladder. This model is also suitable for medium/high cervix. You will receive in its package, cotton pouche and user guide in EN, IT, SP

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      LukeCup is the BODY FRIENDLY menstrual cup. It is comfortable to wear and offers you up to 8 hours protection.

      Made in 100% medical grade silicone is reusable for years.

      LukeCupo is BPA, LATEX, PLASTIC Free and is FDA registered N. 3013909820

      LukeCup grants you the following benefits:

      • Excellent biocompatibility
      • Absence of odor
      • With careful care LukeCup can last you up to 10 years, so you save money
      • Your vaginal flora remains intact, in contrast to other menstrual hygiene products which can cause dryness or irritation.
      • You can wear it for up to 8 consecutive hours depending on the type of flow, without worrying about leaks or stocks of sanitary pads / tampons.
      • With scale to allow you to monitor the amount of flow. • Design studied to offer excellent comfort in its 3 sizes.

      Features of the LukeCup Menstrual Cup: This cup can be used by those with medium to high cervix. It has 4 holes at the top to make it easier to remove it.

      Its shape is delicate, its stem very soft and its edge softer than the body so as not to press into the rectum. It glides very well on insertion and is easy to handle with one hand. In the base it has little pronounced circles so as not to cause discomfort and to help remove it even in the absence of the stem. The surface of the silicone on the outside is smooth with a 'frozen' visual effect, while on the inside it is very smooth. You will find the size printed on the inside.


      -Outer diameter: 38.3mm -Cup length: 43mm -Length with stem: 63mm -Capacity: 17 ml


      -Outer diameter: 42.5mm -Cup length: 48mm -Length with stem: 70mm -Capacity: 24 ml


      -Outer diameter: 45.5mm -Cup length: 54mm -Length with stem: 76mm -Capacity: 30 ml

      Size Guide (indicative) 

      Teen: under 18 years old, no vaginal birth, light flow

      Small: under 30 years old, no vaginal birth, regular flow

      Large: more than 30 years old, heavy flow, vaginal birth

      Who do we recommend LukeCup to?

      For those looking for a soft cup that is easy to open, for those with sensitivities, Cervix of medium to high height


      Data sheet

      Very Soft
      Tipo base
      Cylindrical full stem

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      LukeCup LARGE- Soft menstrual cup Large

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