Eureka! cup Small
      Eureka! cup Small
      Eureka! cup Small
      Eureka! cup Small

      Eureka! cup Small

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      Eureka! cup Small is a revolutionary menstrual cup that you can empty easily without removing from your vagina!. Just a pit stop and you can have it on for 12 hours!. Soft and comfortable in a shocking pink. Friendly in public bathrooms and outdoors activities. Suitable for teenagers and tiny vaginas.

      In the package: 1 cup, 1 cotton bag and instructions.

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      Eureka! cup Featured specifications:

      • Perfect for public baths and all your outdoor adventures, easy-empty without removing it from vagina (patented design)
      • Ideal for menstruating users of all ages can be used while sleeping, in the shower, traveling, doing sport etc
      • Easy insertion: it incorporates some notches in the ring for easy insertion
      • 100 Silicone: Flexible, hypo allergic, comfortable and resistant
      • Usable for up to 12 consecutive hours
      • Healthy alternative: Does not affect the vaginal flora
      • Ecological and inexpensive: the cup can be reused until 10 years, reducing the environmental impact
      • Designed and patented by professionals of Sexuality together with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia

      Eureka easy empty menstrual cup

      Measurement Eureka!cup Small

      Suitable for young people or tiny vaginas. Eureka will ease the use of menstrual cups on the go.

      -Diameter (external): 38mm
      -Cup length:44mm
      -Cup length included the piece of tube folded:53mm
      -Capacity until holes: 12 ml
      -Capienza until rym:17 ml

      Eureka menstrual cup sales

      FAQ about Eureka! Cup

      -Which is Eureka! cup lifespan?
      Eureka!Cup is produced in a very resistant material that can last from 5 to 10 years (depending on the care given).

      Eureka!Cup is made 100% with medical silicone. It is a soft, hypoallergenic, safe, comfortable and resistant material.

      -How frequently shall I empty or remove Eureka! cup?

      Unlike other menstrual cups, Eureka!Cup allows to empty it without removing it from the vagina for a long period of time, but to keep a proper intimate hygiene and avoid possible infections we recommend removing the menstrual cup from the vagina every 12 hours, wash it with warm water and neutral soup, dry it well with an absorbent paper and reinsert it.

      -Will the clots block the tube?

      No, they don't. You can help a faster empty by squishing the tube or even starting a bit from the base of the cup.

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      -Will the tube stem bother me taking it it and out/ Will I feel it inside ?

      The tube is made of the same material as the cup, is very flexible and soft, and so when you insert it is not painful and does not bother once it is inside the vagina. The tube has also a proper shape and size designed to keep it fixed inside the vagina and does not slip out, preventing spills. Although it may seem long or rigid, but it is very flexible, so it is only a matter of practice to learn how to use it.

      -How to clean Eureka! Cup
      After your period is over, wash the Eureka! cup you can boil the Eureka! cup in an open pot of boiling water for five to ten (5 -10) minutes with plenty of water. Do not leave the boiling pot unattended. If you accidentally burned your cup when the pot boiled dry, your cup may be ruined and should be replaced. After boiling it, keep it safe in the cotton bag. 

      Our personal note about Eureka! Cup:
      It is soft with a soft rym that can be easily pop opened due to the internal notches. Removing Eureka!Cup and breaking the seal is very easy, putting down the tube a bit of air enter anyway. Pinching it from the base it can be twisted making a bit pressure on the circular shape you'll find right below the air holes.


      Data sheet

      Mild soft
      Tipo base
      Cylindrical Hollowed Stem

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      Eureka! cup Small

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      Eureka! cup Small

      Eureka! cup Small

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