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  • TEEN

    Cercare la coppetta più ideale per te sarà più semplice con la nostra guida in base all'età. Nel nostro shop abbiamo diversi modelli creati specialmente per una giovane età, da usare fin dalle prime  mestruazioni se lo desideri. Il diametro delle coppette mestruali per adolescenti hanno il diametro più stretto dalle coppette in taglia Small.Quindi vanno da 34mm fino 38mm.

  • Amycup Crystal...
  • Claricup Menstrual cup

    Claricup is made in France. It is the first menstrual cup made of ANTI-MICROBIAL and biocompatible medical grade silicone, which helps to protect against intrauterine infections.  Available in 4 sizes: Mini-0, Size 1 (s), Size 2 (l) and Size 3 (Xl). It comes with Claribox and no storage bag.

  • Cuplee menstrual cup

    Cuplee is produced in Russia in medical grade silicon. It is loved because is mild-soft and it is available in very different colors (light ones, dark ones and pearly). Each cup is provided with a linen storage bag and instructions. You can get it in a Full Kit provided with sterilizing cup and mini wet bag.

  • DivaCup menstrual cup
  • Coppetta Eco-cup
  • Farmacup menstrual cup
  • Coppetta Femmycycle
  • Gaiacup menstrual cup
  • Iriscup menstrual cup
  • Lalicup menstrual cup
  • Lunette menstrual cup
  • Lumma menstrual cups
  • Luvurbody menstrual cup

    Looking for a high capacity menstrual cup? Luvurbody is the answer. Its revolutionary design is very aesthetically pleasant while the comfort offers excellent capacity. 3 sizes available in different colors.

  • Coppetta Meluna
  • Merula menstrual cup

    The Merula Cup is made out of 100% medical-grade silicone and produced in Germany. It is round, with a firm edge and a thin, soft body. You can get the One Size for Medium/low cervix or the Merula Xl for medium/high cervix and heavy flow. Their colors are very cheerful!

  • Coppetta Mooncup
  • Rubycup menstrual cup

    Rubycup is the brand of a little cup that makes the big difference due to their program BuyOne GiveOne ! Every time you purchase a Rubycup the manufacturer will give one to a schoolgirl in difficulties (In Kenya or India) . This means that by buying the Ruby Cup, you give opportunities to  girls  to pursue their life opportunities whilst saving the environment from thousands of tampons or pads that go into landfill.

    Rubycup has a mild stifness, highly recommended for starters and available in 2 sizes : Small e Medium. 

  • Yuuki menstrual cups

    Yuuki are menstrual cups produced in Czech republic in medical grade silicon of the highest quality. Yuuki cups are available in 3 different softness ratings:
    : Yuuki classic (tonic:60 shore), Yuuki Soft (semi soft: 40 shore)and Yuuki Rainbow (soft: 35 shore)

  • Si-Bell menstrual cup
  • Loulou menstrual cup
  • Eureka! cup

    Eureka! cup the revolutionary design easy empty. You can empty the cup in the go with no need of removing it from the vagina.

  • Popsy menstrual cup
  • Special Kits
  • Femintimate Eve cup
  • MonthlyCup coppetta...
  • Coppetta Nomai
  • Coppetta Elanee
  • LukeCup Menstrual cup
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